Cuts + Color:

Bridal Makeup


Women's Signature Haircut:

Protege- $35

Senior- $45

Master- $50

Men's Signature Haircut:

Protege- $20

Senior- $25

Master- $30

Bang Trim:

Protege- $5

Senior- $8

Master- $10

This is a FREE service to clients who pre-book every 6 weeks or less. This is a charged service otherwise.

Signature Blowout:

Protege-  $35

Senior- $40

Master- $45

Special Occasion Style:

Protege- $65

Senior- $70

Master- $75

Braid Add On:

Protege- $10

Senior- $15

Master- $20

Bridal Makeup


Color Retouch 

Protege- $55

Senior- $65

Master- $70

Mini Highlight:

Protege- $65

Senior- $70

Master- $80

Partial Highlight:

Protege- $80

Senior- $95


Foils applied through the front, top and on crown.

Bridal Makeup


Full Highlight:

Protege- $130

Senior- $140

Master- $150

Foils applied throughout the entire head.

Full Highlight with Balayage:

Protege- $230

Senior- $240

Master- $250

Foils applied throughout the entire head and the left out hair is balayaged.  

Balayage or Ombre:

Protege- $140

Senior- $150

Master- $170

add root color- +$35

Bridal Makeup



Protege- $140

Senior- $145

Master- $150

Color service where we blend 3 colors usually from darker to lighter.  This process does not include lightening.  This is meant to blend hair that has already been lightened. 

Tone or Gloss:

Stand alone service- $50

Add-on service- $40

Retouch Global Blonde:

Protege- $80

Senior- $90


Global Blonde + Tone:

Protege- $180

Senior- $190


Color Correction:

$200 for the first 2 hours then...

Protege- $65/hour

Senior- $70/hour

Master -$75/hour


Vivids Peek-A-Boos: 

Protege- $12/foil

Senior- $15/foil


Vivids Ombré:

Protege- $260

Senior- $270


Ombré with fun bright vivids colors. Up to 3 colors. Add $20 for each additional color. 

Vivids All Over Color:

Protege- $220

Senior- $230


Vivids colors as an all over color up to one color. 

Specialty Vivids Color:

Protege- $90/per hour

Senior- $100/per hour

Master-$110/per hour

A custom color pattern/colors. From tie dye to sand art. Sky's the limit! 


Pravana Deep Conditioning Treatment: $25

Pravana Blonde Tone + Treat: $25

Pravana Kera Glaze Treatment: $40

Olaplex 1 Color Add-In: $20

Pravana Treat Conditioning Treatment: $25

Olaplex 2 Deep Conditioning Treatment: $70 #3 take home