This is me.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

First off...WELCOME to my Blog! I'm no writer, in fact I even suck at grammar so bear with me. I wanted to share a little about myself and my journey to self-love and discovery.

Let's take this back to November of 1997. I was a senior in high school who obviously knew it all, was in love or at least what I thought was love and I was about to become a mother. Yes, I was a teen mom having my beautiful daughter six days before my 18th birthday. This little girl changed my life and became my world. I would go on to graduate high school, get a job, buy a house and eventually have my son and then marry their dad. A year later my youngest son came. Here I was 22 years old, married with three kids. No career or money of my own. But I had three beautiful children and a husband.

I managed to open a competitive cheer gym and coached for many years. My marriage wasn't pretty and ended in divorce when I was in my early 30's. I had to close my gym down and figure out how I would turn my life around. I was sad, defeated, heartbroken, fat, and broke to name a few. I hadn't had a positive thing to say or think about myself in years and I felt like a failure. I felt in this moment betrayed by the people in my life who were closest to me.

I figured out slowly how to fix myself. I got a job, had weight loss surgery, and started to teach myself to be positive. This came after finding the Secret, I watched that documentary and slowly stared to change my thoughts and self-talk. It took time don't get me wrong (I still struggle with this from time to time) but I saw my life begin to change.

I started cosmetology school in October of 2012 and set my life on the track to become successful. I ended up starting my career by working out of my home. This was a total accident but allowed me to build up my clientele.

I was hired as an educator by PRAVANA in 2016. I was just shy of being out of school for two years. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I traveled to LA for training, scared out of my mind. Not sure what they wanted me for. There was that negative self-talk rearing its ugly head again. I found myself at the first round of training embarrassed that I worked from home. I felt inadequate and quite frankly not as good as everyone else. I mean there I was not even out of school two years yet, working out of my home and I was among amazing stylists who owned their own salons, had been in the industry 17 years. I mean one was even insta famous. I didn't even have an Instagram and I thought a hashtag was a pound sign for goodness sake. I hated the way this made me feel. Fortunately, what I found was these people were amazing and surprisingly humble. I found that PRAVANA saw something in me that I hadn't seen yet.

I came home from this training and told my (now husband) how I felt and that I no longer could do hair in our home. I wanted more and I didn't want to have the feeling of being embarrassed anymore. He encouraged me to make this change. I found a location and he complete renovated it for me and we were open for business 1 month later. This location served me well for 2.5 years and I again wanted more. So, we moved to downtown Loveland to Blush Beauty Bar's current location that I love so much.

The lessons I have learned:

*Learning to love and value one's self can change your life.

*Positive self-talk and positive affirmations are necessary.

*If something is no longer serving you or making you happy...make a change!

*Hard work and determination will take you far.

*You are enough!!!



This is me. Melrose Ave

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