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Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 okpvign




1 - Available for download. This update mainly consists of fixes and improvements, but also the new tool “Mid Valley Archive” which allows you to create zip archives of your public profile. Build number: 64bit version: This update is available for: All US and Canadian Microsoft Windows (all versions) GOG: Please wait. This game was released in the shop. is currently experiencing issues and cannot be reached. We are doing everything possible to fix this. Please bear with us for a while and enjoy. Additional information and FAQ can be found here. Downloads: Source: Media: If you want to get rid of the “update is available” message, please go to your Settings > Downloads and uncheck “Downloads Available”. Description: Welcome to Mid Valley, a modern residential district built along a river, where the roads are named after the most successful pastime in our country. Move in and do the things you want to do! Find your way around the city and check out the different shops, galleries, restaurants and events. Set up your home, fill it with all your possessions, buy some furniture, a car and decorate your house. Explore the neighboring districts and enjoy a day out at one of the attractions. Help R3dux in his journey around the city and explore the mysteries of the city. Features: Multiplayer mode: You can create a multiplayer room and invite your friends to play together. Challenge mode: Start the game and be taken to the last scene, complete the scene and then start the level again. Regeneration: After a short resting time the game can start again from the last completed level. Random scene generation: New levels are generated with all or selected objects from the scene and position of those objects. Hint system: When the game is too easy,




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Midland Valley Move (64bit) 2013.1.1 okpvign
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