Get Caught Blushing!

From the moment you step foot into Blush you will receive the VIP treatment given to all our Blush Babes.


We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with all our clients by giving them exclusive time with their stylists.  We do this by accepting minimal to no double booking.  This lets you spend your full service time with your stylist, gaining expert product knowledge, styling tips, or just girl talk over a glass of tea if you prefer!  Being at Blush is like being with your best girl friends. It is our mission to make you feel beautiful and confident in a fun and relaxed environment.


Enjoy a complementary paraffin hand treatment, head massage, and beverage with every hair service. 



Pravana Deep Conditioning Treatment



Pravana Kera Glaze Treatment


Olaplex 1 Color Add-In


Olaplex 2 Deep Conditioning Treatment

$70 includes #3 take home

Pravana Treat Conditioning Treatment


Pravana Blonde Tone + Treat




Call for pricing



Woman's Signature Haircut 

Protege- $40

Senior- $45

Master- $50

Men's Signature Haircut

Protege- $22

Senior- $25

Master- $30


Bang Trim

Protege- $5

Senior- $8

Master- $10

This is a FREE service to clients who pre-book every 6 weeks or less. This is a charged service otherwise.



Signature Blowout

Protege-  $35

Senior- $40

Master- $45

Special Occasion Style

Protege- $65

Senior- $70

Master- $75

Braid Add On

Protege- $10

Senior- $15

Master- $20




Protege- $55

Senior- $65

Master- $70


Protege- $85

Senior- $90

Master- $95

Mini Highlight

Protege- $65

Senior- $70

Master- $80

Partial Highlight

Protege- $80

Senior- $95


Foils applied through the front, top and a few on the crown.

Full Highlight

Protege- $130

Senior- $140

Master- $150

Foils applied throughout the entire head.


Full Highlight with balayage

Protege- $230

Senior- $240

Master- $250

Foils applied throughout the entire head and the left out hair is balayaged.  

Balayage or Ombre 

Protege- $140

Senior- $150

Master- $170

add root color- +$35


Protege- $140

Senior- $145

Master- $150

Color service where we blend 3 colors usually from darker to lighter.  This process does not include lightening.  This is meant to blend hair that has already been lightened. 

Tone or Gloss

Stand alone service- $50

Add-on service- $40

Retouch Global Blonde 

Protege- $80

Senior- $90


Global Blonde + Tone

Protege- $180

Senior- $190


Color Correction

$200 for the first 2 hours then...

Protege- $65/hour

Senior- $70/hour

Master -$75/hour

Fashion Colors

Vivids Peek-a-boos 

Protege- $12/foil

Senior- $15/foil


Vivids Ombré

Protege- $260

Senior- $270


Ombré with fun bright vivids colors. Up to 3 colors. Add $20 for each additional color. 

Vivids Allover Color

Protege- $220

Senior- $230


Vivids colors as an allover color up to one color. 

Specialty Vivids Color

Protege- $90/per hour

Senior- $100/per hour

Master-$110/per hour

A custom color pattern/colors. From tie dye to sand art. Sky's the limit! 




Senior- $45

Master- $50

Application and Instruction  

One on one class.

Master- $75

Brow Tinting

Senior- $15

Master- $20


Brow Shaping 

Senior- $20

Master- $25

Brow  Maintenance

Senior- $15

Master- $20

Lip Wax

Senior- $10

Master- $12

Chin wax

Senior- $10

Master- $15

Side-Burn Wax or Widows Peek

Senior- $20

Master- $25

Full Face

Senior- $40



Master- $30


Trial extra. Travel extra. Deposit of 50% for all wedding parties.

Bridal Style and Make up


Bridesmaids Style


Bridal Party Makeup


Flower girl




Pricing varies:

due to length and thickness.

Price quote:

available upon request.


Credit card information is required upon booking your appointment.


Your appointment is important to us and reserved just for you. We understand that schedules change and somethings are out of our hands, but please be respectful and give a 48 hour notice if changes are needed.

*Your card on file will be charged  50% for all services scheduled IF you've failed to give a 48 hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling. 

*Your card on file will be charged 100% for all services scheduled IF  you NO SHOW/MISS DAY OF APPOINTMENTS. 

*If you NO SHOW you will no longer be booked for future appointments without the next appointment paid in full at the time of booking. Two NO SHOWS you're off the books.


If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment will unfortunately have to be rescheduled.  Due to timing and booking schedules.  Your card on file will be charged as a missed appointment.


We love your kids but we ask that little's remain at home. We no longer offer children's services.  Preteens and older are charged adult pricing. 


Enjoy yourself! Let us know if you need a drink (wine or beer even), or heck even a song request. We love having you in our salon and want you to relax and have a blast every minute you are in our chair!

Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding!